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Introduction to the online version

Chapter 1 – The Commission and Its Recommendations

Chapter 2 – The Establishment, Mandate, and Activities of the Commission

Chapter 3 – Computers and Copyright

Chapter 4 – Machine Reproduction – Photocopying

Chapter 5 – Summary

Appendix A – Summary of the Legislative History of Computer-Related Issues and the Photocopy Issue

Appendix B – Public Law 93-573 and Public Law 95-146

Appendix C – Commissioners

Appendix D – Staff

Appendix E – Lists of Witnesses

- Copyright and Computer-Related Issues

- Copyright and Photocopy Issues

- Witnesses Supplying Background Information

Appendix F – Alphabetical Listing of Persons Appearing before the Commission

Appendix G – Transcripts of Commission Meetings

Appendix H – Summaries of Commission-Sponsored Studies

Appendix I – Bibliography

Appendix J – Selected Provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976 and Copyright Office Regulations

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Picture of commissioners and staff

Final Report of the National Commission on New Technology Uses of Copyrighted Works

Appendix E – Lists of Witnesses

Witnesses Supplying Background Information

Second Meeting, November 19, 1975, Washington, D. C.

Michael S. Keplinger, Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology, National Bureau of Standards

Alphonse Trezza, Executive Director, National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

Bernard M. Fry, Dean, Graduate Library School, Indiana University

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Third Meeting, December 18-19, 1975, New York City

Joseph Taphorn, Copyright Attorney, Interna­tional Business Machines

R. R. Stanley, International Business Machines

Ralph Gommery, Vice-President and Director of Research, International Business Machines

Jack Garland, International Business Machines

Joshua Smith, Executive Director, American So­ciety for Information Science


Fourth Meeting, February 11-13, 1976, Bethesda, Maryland

Martha Williams, Director, Information Re­trieval Research Laboratory, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Lee Burchinal, Head, Office of Science Informa­tion Service, National Science Foundation

Martin M. Cummings, Director, and Melvin S. Day, Deputy Librarian, National Library of Medicine

Jerome Rubin, President, Mead Data Control

Arnold 0. Ginnow, West Publishing Company

Lawrence Berul, Vice-President, Aspen Systems Corporation

Donald King, Director, Center for Quantitative Sciences, Market Facts, Inc.

Seldon W. Terrant, Head, R. and D. Books and Journals, American Chemical Society

Charles B. Warden, Vice-President, Data Re­sources, Inc.


Fifth Meeting, April 1-2, 1976, New York City

Norman Nisenoff, Forecasting International

Joel Goldhar, Program Director of User Requirements, Division of Science Information, National Science Foundation


Eighth Meeting, September 16-17, 1976, Los Angeles, California

Donn Parker, Information Science Laboratory, Stanford Research Institute


Thirteenth Meeting, March 31-April 1, 1977, New York City

Bernard Korman, General Counsel, American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)

Edward Cramer, President, Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)


Eighteenth Meeting, November 17-18, 1977, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Lee Burchinal, Director, Division of Science Information, National Science Foundation

Barbara Ankeny, Acquisitions Editor, MIT Press

William J. Baumol, Professor of Economics, Princeton and New York Universities

Charles M. Goldstein, Chief, Computer Tech­nology Branch, Lister Hill Center for Bio­medical Communications, National Library of Medicine

J. C. R. Licklider, Professor of Electrical Engi­neering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stuart  Mathison,  Vice-President,  TELENET Corporation

John Shoch, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center Joseph Weizenbaum, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Insti­tute of Technology