The CONTU Commissioners and Staff

(Photo taken June 1978)

Front Row : Melville B. Nimmer (Vice-Chairman), Stanley H. Fuld  (Chairman), Daniel J. Boorstin (ex officio - Librarian of Congress)

Back Row: Michael S. Keplinger (Assistant Executive Director and Senior Attorney), George D. Cary, Hershel B. Sarbin, Dan M. Lacy, Alice E. Wilcox, Robert Wedgeworth, E. Gabriel Perle, Arthur J. Levine (Executive Director), John Hersey, Edward Applebaum (Library of Congress staff)

Not present: Rhoda H. Karpatkin, Arthur R. Miller, Barbara A. Ringer (ex officio - Register of Copyrights), William Dix (died in 1978 prior to CONTU's Final Report)

Photo courtesy of Arthur Levine