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Introduction to the online version

Chapter 1 – The Commission and Its Recommendations

Chapter 2 – The Establishment, Mandate, and Activities of the Commission

Chapter 3 – Computers and Copyright

Chapter 4 – Machine Reproduction – Photocopying

Chapter 5 – Summary

Appendix A – Summary of the Legislative History of Computer-Related Issues and the Photocopy Issue

Appendix B – Public Law 93-573 and Public Law 95-146

Appendix C – Commissioners

Appendix D – Staff

Appendix E – Lists of Witnesses

- Copyright and Computer-Related Issues

- Copyright and Photocopy Issues

- Witnesses Supplying Background Information

Appendix F – Alphabetical Listing of Persons Appearing before the Commission

Appendix G – Transcripts of Commission Meetings

Appendix H – Summaries of Commission-Sponsored Studies

Appendix I – Bibliography

Appendix J – Selected Provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976 and Copyright Office Regulations

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Final Report of the National Commission on New Technology Uses of Copyrighted Works

Appendix E – Lists of Witnesses

Copyright and Computer-Related Issues

Fifth Meeting, April 1-2, 1976, New York City

Ira Herrenstein, Standard and Poor

Truman W. Eustis, Senior Attorney, New York Times

Joseph Taphorn, Copyright Attorney, Interna­tional Business Machines Corporation

Paul G. Zurkowski, President, Information Industry Association

John Rothman, New York Times Information Bank


Sixth Meeting, May 6-7, 1976, Arlington, Virginia

Peter F. McCloskey, President, and Oliver Smoot, Vice-President, Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association

Philip Nyborg, Director, Washington Office, American Federation of Information Process­ing Societies with

Herbert Bright, representing Association for Computing Machinery

William Moser, representing Data Processing Management Association

Herbert Koller, representing Computer So­ciety of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Joseph Wyatt, President, Interuniversity Com­munications Council (EDUCOM)

A. G. W. Biddle, President, Computer Industry Association with

Carol Cohen, General Counsel, Applied Data Research

Theodore Lorah, Vice-President, INFORMATICS

Terry Mahn, General Counsel, Computer In­dustry Association

Paul G. Zurkowski, President, Information In­dustry Association with

Joseph Taphorn, Proprietary Rights Committee, Information Industry Association


Seventh Meeting, June 9-10, 1976, Arlington, Virginia

Nicholas Henry, Director, Center for Public Affairs, Arizona State University

Susan H. Nycum, Esq.

Theodore Puckorius, Commissioner, General Services Administration with

George Dodson, Assistant Commissioner for Automated Data Management Services, General Services Administration

Isaac McKinney, Chief, Procurement Policy Branch, Automated Data Management Services, General Services Administration

Robert Coyer, Director, Office of Manage­ment Policy and Planning, General Services Administration

Allie B. Latimer, Assistant General Counsel, General Services Administration

August Steinhilber and Anna L. Hyer, Ad Hoc Committee on Copyright Law

Quincy Rogers, Executive Director, Domestic Council on the Right to Privacy


Eighth Meeting, September 16-17, 1976, Los Angeles, California

Herbert R. J. Grosch, President, Association for Computing Machinery

M. Thomas Risner, Director, National Informa­tion Center for Educational Media

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Patricia Ferguson and Donna Chamberlain, Documentation Associates Information Serv­ices, Inc.

Peter E. Weiner, Head, Information ScSience Department, Rand Corporation


Tenth Meeting, November 18, 1976, New York City

Daniel McCracken, Consultant


Thirteenth Meeting, March 31-April 1, 1977, New York City

Allen R. Ferguson, President, Public Interest Economics Center


Fifteenth Meeting, July 11-12, 1977, Washington, D. C.

William J. Baumol, Professor of Economics, Princeton and New York Universities with

Yale Braunstein, New York University

Roy G. Saltman, Program Manager for Tech­nology Transfer, Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology, National Bureau of Standards


Sixteenth Meeting, September 15-16, 1977, Chicago, Illinois

Daniel  McCracken,  Vice-President,  Susan Nycum, Chairman, Legal Issues Committee, and Philip Dorn, Member, Legal Issues Com­mittee, Association of Computing Machinery

Martin Goetz, Senior Vice-President, Applied Data Research

Frank H. CuIlen and Joseph Genovese, Pro­prietary Rights Committee, Computing and Business Equipment Manufacturers Associa­tion

Paul G. Zurkowski, President, Joseph Taphorn, Chairman, Software Committee, and George C. Baron, Legal Advisor, Software Commit­tee, Information Industry Association


Eighteenth Meeting. November 17-18, 1977, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Richard I. Miller, Vice-President, Harbridge House, Inc.


Nineteenth Meeting, January 11-12, 1978, Los Angeles, California

Roger Borovoy, Vice-President, General Counsel and Secretary, Intel Corporation


Twentieth Meeting, February 16-17, 1978, New York City

Theodor H. Nelson, Author

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