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Introduction to the online version

Chapter 1 – The Commission and Its Recommendations

Chapter 2 – The Establishment, Mandate, and Activities of the Commission

Chapter 3 – Computers and Copyright

Chapter 4 – Machine Reproduction – Photocopying

- Recommendations of the Commission

- Recommendation for Amending One Area of the 1976 Copyright Act

- Recommendations Concerning the Five-Year Review of Photocopying Practices

- Recommendations to Publishers

- Recommendations to Government Agencies

- Provisions of the 1976 Copyright Act Affecting Photocopying

- CONTU Guidelines on Photocopying under Interlibrary Loan Arrangements

- Volume of Library Photocopying in 1976

- Means of Obtaining Permission to Make Photocopies or to Obtain Authorized Copies under the 1976 Copyright Act

- Interrelated Economics of Publishing and Libraries and the Impact of Copying Fees

- Legislation and Systems Relating to Photocopying in Other Countries

- Recommendations of Interested Organizations

- Effects of Future Technological Change

Chapter 5 – Summary

Appendix A – Summary of the Legislative History of Computer-Related Issues and the Photocopy Issue

Appendix B – Public Law 93-573 and Public Law 95-146

Appendix C – Commissioners

Appendix D – Staff

Appendix E – Lists of Witnesses

Appendix F – Alphabetical Listing of Persons Appearing before the Commission

Appendix G – Transcripts of Commission Meetings

Appendix H – Summaries of Commission-Sponsored Studies

Appendix I – Bibliography

Appendix J – Selected Provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976 and Copyright Office Regulations

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Final Report of the National Commission on New Technology Uses of Copyrighted Works

Chapter 4 – Machine Reproduction – Photocopying

Recommendations to Government Agencies

The Library of Congress, the Copyright Of­fice, and NCLIS, in consultation with the library associations, journal publishers, and library con­sortia, should explore the possibility of includ­ing in the Conservation of Serials project - a data base of information on serials, including the title, the publisher, ISSN - information con­cerning (1) the copyright status of journal issues, both current and older; (2) whether the publisher permits copying beyond that permitted by the statute; (3) whether the journal is in CCC or other clearance systems; and (4) what, if any, sources of authorized copies exist. The Library of Congress or any other organization planning to establish a nonprofit periodicals copying center should consider the discussion of such centers in this report.212

Next section: Provisions of the 1976 Copyright Act Affecting Photocopying

212 See in this chapter the subsections Means of Obtaining Permission to Make Photocopies . . . through Periodical Centers in General.