Table of contents for Chapter 1 of
Copyright Law and Practice
by William F. Patry, published by BNA Books,
with hypertext links to the online version

Chapter 1 – Introduction

England and the Statute of Anne

The Colonies and Copyright

The Constitutional Clause

The First Copyright Act

Statutory Revision

The 1802 Prints and Notice Amendment

The 1819 Jurisdictional Amendment

The 1831 General Revision

The 1834 Recordation Amendment

The 1846 Deposit Amendment

The 1855 Postal Amendment

The 1856 Public Performance Amendment

The 1859 Deposit Amendment

The 1861 Appeals Amendment

The 1865 Photography and Deposit Amendments

The 1867 Library of Congress Deposit Amendment

The 1870 General Revision

The 1873 Jurisdictional Amendment

The 1874 Print and Notice Amendments

The 1879 Post Office Amendment

The 1882 Useful Articles Notice Amendment

The 1891 International Copyright Act

The 1893 Amnesty Act

The 1895 Government Works and Penalties Amendments

The 1897 Amendments

The Louisiana Purchase Exposition Act of 1904

The Ad Interim Act of 1905

The Mexico City Convention

The 1909 Copyright Act

Amendments to the 1909 Act

The Townsend Amendment of 1912

The 1913 Housekeeping Amendment

The 1914 International Amendments

The 1919 Retroactive Protection and Ad Interim Amendment

The University Professors’ Act of 1926

The Fee Increase Act of 1928

The Postal Act of 1938

The Prints and Labels Act of 1939

The 1940 Amendments

Renewal of Contributions to Collective Works


Ad Interim Protection During World War II

The 1947 Codification

The 1948 Fee Increase

The 1949 Relaxation of the Manufacturing Clause

The 1952 Nondramatic Literary Works Amendment

Adherence to the Universal Copyright Convention

The 1956 Identifying Material Amendment

The 1957 Statute of Limitations Amendment

U.S. Government Liability for Infringement

The 1962 Acts

Extension of the Renewal Term

Trading With the Enemy Act

The Standard Reference Data Act of 1968

The 1971 Sound Recording Act

The 1976 Act

The Study Phase of the Revision Effort

The Register’s 1961 Report and Preparation of a Preliminary Draft Bill

The Legislative Phase of the Revision Effort





1968-1972: Cable Television Stalls the Revision Effort

1973: Hearings Resume



1976: Passage of the Act

Amendments to the 1976 Act

95th Congress: 1977-1978

96th Congress: 1979-1980

97th Congress: 1981-1982

98th Congress: 1983-1984

99th Congress: 1985-1986

100th Congress: 1987-1988

The Berne Implementation Act of 1988

Other Legislation

101st Congress: 1989-1990

102d Congress: 1991-1992

103d Congress: 1993-1994

2000 Cumulative Supplement to Chapter 1

Amendments to the 1976 Act

103d Congress: 1993–1994

104th Congress: 1995–1996 [New]

105th Congress: 1997–1998 [New]

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

WIPO Treaties Implementing Legislation [New]

Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation [New]

Computer Maintenance and Repair: Reversing MAI v. Peak [New]

Broadcasters’ Ephemeral Digital Sound Recordings Exemption [New]

Library and Archives Exemption [New]

The Webcasting Statutory License [New]

Assumption of Contractual Obligations Upon Transfers of Rights in Motion Pictures [New]

Protecting Boat Hull Designs [New]

Effective Dates [New]

106th Congress: 1999–2000 [New]